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dc.contributor.authorRodríguez de Salazar, Nahirspa
dc.descriptionPlataforma de Apoyo Lúdico a la Movilidad Alternativa —(PALMA) (Platform of Ludicrous Support of Alternative Mobility) is an Ibero American project born from the need to empower orientation and mobility processes of children with severe motor deficiencies. The main objective of this project is the development of a vehicle prototype, which, featuring adapted proximity sensors helps the child experience displacement, direction, laterality, and a sense of clashing in an autonomous and ludicrous way. This stimulates the mental representations of his/her body and the world surrounding him/her. Fundamentals of active education like discovery, exploration, experimentation and respect to individuality have been taken into account in the design of this prototype. Concepts like Autonomous Mobility and Alternative Mobility have been essential in the development of this project. The first one is important in the integral development of the subject as it allows interaction with the physical world as well as learning about reality components, their categories and relations. On the other hand, the latter represents the concern of science and technology in providing means for independent mobility Alternative Mobility appears as one of the most attractive topics of research in the current world as it has led to develop technological projects which have become options for the human development of those who can not autonomously move.eng
dc.descriptionPlataforma de Apoyo Lúdico a la Movilidad Alternativa —PALMA- es un proyecto iberoamericano que surge de la necesidad de potenciar los procesos de orientación y de movilidad de niños con graves deficiencias motoras.El proposito central de este proyecto ha sido la elaboración de un prototipo coche que, adaptado con sensores de proximidad, sirva para que el niño pueda experimentar desplazamiento, direccionalidad, lateralidad y sensasión de choque de manera autónoma y lúdica; ello favorece la formación de sus representaciones mentales sobre su cuerpo y sobre el mundo que le
dc.publisherUniversidad Pedagógica Nacional, Facultad de Educaciónspa
dc.rightsCopyright (c) 2017 Pedagogía y Saberesspa
dc.sourcePedagogía y Saberes; Núm. 17 (2002): jul-dic; 45.58spa
dc.sourcePedagogía y Saberes; Núm. 17 (2002): jul-dic; 45.58spa
dc.subjectEducación; pedagogíaspa
dc.subjectMovilidad alternativa, lúdico, plataforma PALMAspa
dc.titlePALMA: plataforma de apoyo lúdico para la movilidad alternativaspa

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