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dc.contributor.authorClaret Zambrano, Alfonsospa
dc.descriptionThis paper analyses the research approach on the relationship between scientificscholar knowledge of the teacher and common previous knowledge of students inschool within the context of teaching, learning and conceptual change in sciences.The paper shows two sections: the first is about conceptual historical development ofthe research question. ln this sense the first question was How the students learnsciences and its transformation into the second, third , fourth and fifth question wasjustified on the light of the reading of the following works, mainly: Piaget, A usubel ,Driver, Vygotsky, and Bachelard, Canguilhem, Kuhn, Lakatos, Popper and othersauthors. The second explains the research question taking into consideration themeaning of the teacher, the pupil and the scientific knowledge in the classroom. Forthis purpose it is necessary to design a conceptual structure in order to analyze therelations, the concepts and the research problems of the teaching, learning andassessment in sciences. The structure shows the relationship of the teacher and thepupilas knowledge relationship. This is the cause why scientific knowledge must beconsidered as the hard core of the science teaching. But scientific knowledge in thiscase is seen as a product of the its historical and epistemological development andthe way as scientific knowledge changes in science is the basis forthinking aboutconceptual change of students in the classroom. The paper ends showing the aimsof the researcher engaged in this
dc.publisherUniversidad Pedagógica Nacionalspa
dc.rightsDerechos de autor 2017 TED: Tecné, Episteme y Didaxisspa
dc.sourceTecné Episteme y Didaxis TED; Núm. 3 (1998)spa
dc.sourceTecné Episteme y Didaxis TED; No 3 (1998)spa
dc.sourceTecné Episteme y Didaxis TED; n. 3 (1998)spa
dc.titleLa relación entre conocimiento común y conocimiento científico en el contexto de la enseñanza, aprendizaje y cambio conceptual de las cienciasspa
dc.typeinvestigación,didáctica, ciencias, teconologías, matemáticasspa

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